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Which hair brush suits me: wild boar bristles, plastic or wood?

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the
Welche Haarbürste passt zu mir: Wildschweinborsten, Kunststoff oder Holz?

When it comes to finding the right hairbrush, we often see each other in a jewelry from products where the question arises: "Which fits me now? "

A wild boar bristle brush, a plastic brush or would you prefer wood?

Hair brushes for healthy and shiny hair

Let's leave styling brushes outside. At the end of the day, a hair brush is supposed to disguise our hair and Do not ziepen & tear out and miss the desired seat. In the best case it should still be gentle and maintain our hair

Quite clear ideas, and yet not so easy to find. This post should bring a little light into the dark and help you choose the right hairbrush.

Wild boar bristle brush, plastic brush or wood brush?
Off to the ring!

Properties wild boar bristle brush

As the name suggests, the wild boar bristle brush is a hair brush where the brushes consist of wild boar bristles.

The brushes differ, among other things, on their brush bodies. Some are made of plastic and, in addition to the wild boar bristles, have integrated nylon bristles. As a rule, these are used to get a certain strength in the bristles.

Other wild boar bristles are in turn in natural wood brush bodies and are therefore a real natural product.

But what can she actually do?

The wild boar bristle brush is truly a miracle brush. Their bristles have a surface structure similar to our human hair and are therefore gentle in handling. - No cuffing and tearing out the hair. 

The wild boar bristles are particularly characterized by the fact that they absorb the natural sebum (hairettett) and spread it evenly into the tips of the hair when brushing through. This means that our hair scales are gently smoothed - ade to brittle hair - Hello to natural shine!

In addition, wild boar bristles are naturally antistatical

So no more electrical hair flying in all directions ...

Another positive aspect is that the wild boar bristles are collected as a product. This means that the wild boars are not killed because of their bristles. This is where the sustainable and efficient idea comes into play.

One disadvantage is that theCleaning the wild boar bristle brushthan that of other hairbrushes. Similar to our hair, it has to be freed from dirt regularly so that it can cause its miracles.

With regular use, you have 5 advantages of the wild boar bristle, which builds up and maintains your hair.


Properties plastic hairbrush

There are a variety of plastic brushes that are particularly suitable as a styling brush. As is well known, plastic is very resistant. It is also particularly suitable Good to dismantle the hair, if they are made of soft synthetic material.

In addition, plastic hair brushes are wonderful when it comes to combing conditioners in wet hair and is also easy to clean

The disadvantage of a plastic brush is that you the hair can be electrified when combing through And so counteracts the taming of the hair. The hair fly in all directions, just not to the hairstyle we had hoped for.

In addition, from the perspective of the environment, it is No sustainable product And contributes to more plastic waste.

Properties wood brush

Wood brushes can also be subordinated to the natural hair brush sections. Their natural and round bristles Massage the scalp gently and stimulate the blood flow to the scalp

It is important when choosing the wood brush A good cut and quality of the wood. The ends of the bristles are said to be soft and round, otherwise it can lead to injuries to the hair. Spröts wood can leave the hair breaking and unwanted damage.

As a rule, the wooden bristles are anchored in a pneumatic pillow made of rubber. These ensure that the bristles can nestle evenly on the scalp and can therefore brush comprehensively. Unfortunately, this excludes the 100 % naturalness of the brush.



The different hair brushes each have their advantages and disadvantages in the application. Look at the quality of the material when choosing the brush. In doubt, cheap products can leave injuries and damage in the hair.

Who a Natural and gentle care of the hair is important with the Wild boar bristle brush and the Wooden brush In good hands. Wild boar bristles also have the advantage that you repair the hair in the long term and provide natural shine.

Even in terms of sustainability, these brushes contribute to less plastic waste and ensure a healthier and stronger hair growth with regular use.

One Plastic brush is more recommended for styling, since it is resistant, but due to its nature it is electrically charged the hair and only fulfills its purpose by taking heat.

Different brushes, with different focal points. However, if you had to choose just a brush, e.g. to go on a trip, I would definitely pack my wild boar bristle brush! With this brush, I not only develop my hair, but I maintain and repair it sustainably. Anyone who can enjoy a wild boar bristle brush will have a hard time foregoing them, but convince yourself.



The wild boar bristle brush ꟾ antistatic Hairbrush with wild boar bristles

Our wildlift bristle cleans the scalp, dismantled the hair and brushes out dead scales. Other deposits and dirt particles can also be removed with wild boar bristles. In addition, they smooth out the hair by stroking the unique scale structure of the wild boar bristles along the hair and closing bumps and brittle areas in the hair. So it is real all -rounders that are good for hair and scalp. Hair brushes with wild boar bristles represent a first -class alternative to the classic hairbrush with plastic bristles. If the rest of the wild boar bristle brush is made of wood, it is a real natural product that simply feels good in the hand. Hairbrushes with wild boar bristles are particularly suitable for short to shoulder -length hair. But of course a hairbrush with wild boar bristles also serves well with other hair lengths.

Shiny hair thanks to a brush with wildlift bristles

The wild boar bristles get your hair a beautiful silky shine and feel pleasantly clean and much softer after brushing. The bristles pick up the natural sebum that is produced by the scalp and release it again in the hair where there are dry spots. The lengths and tips are also well maintained, so that they don't become dry and brittle as quickly. The effect is not only caused by the fat (sebum), but is also achieved by stripping the wild boar bristles. These have similar, microscopic dandruff to human hair that smooth the hair structure when stripping on human hair. You can imagine this process like a polish in the car. This can be applied chemically by glossy lacquer/wax or polished by hand for hours. The result creates a lot better than that with a chemical coating. As the bristles spread along the hair structure over and over again, it is smoothed every time and nourished through the Sebum. Compared to a chemical solution, such as B. would reach a conditioner or shine shampoo, the result in wild boar bristles is much more sustainable, since no shine is "put over" here, but the structure is actually repaired and sustainably maintained/ "polished".

Because of this, the hair also feels wonderfully supple and pleasantly soft. You can also get a wonderful shine by distributing the sebum and the removal of dirt. Börsten from other materials cannot absorb and distribute sebum and the body's own nutrients in this way, which means that they can never deliver the same result as bristles from the wild boar. If you have just switched to a brush with wild boar bristles, you should often brush your hair to quickly see an effect. We recommend twice a day for about five minutes.

Finally an antistatic hairbrush

Many hair brushes have the disadvantage that they static to charge the hair so that they fly in all directions. This is not the case with a wild boar bristle hair brush. The animal bristles naturally have an antistatic effect. After use, the hair is excellent and fall down smoothly. If the hair is charged antistatic, this can happen at the beginning due to some shampoos or styling products. The antistatic charging then only happens at the beginning until the brush is "naturalized" and lies after 14 days at the latest.
More on that in our Blog.

Gently disguised the hair with wildlift bristle brush

Of course, a good wild boar bristle hair brush should also be disguised and free from knots. Above all, the multifunctional design of the Natural Hair Brush models with a straight side and top edge on the brush head are ideal for this purpose. Due to its multifunctional design, the brush not only adapts to the scalp, but is also suitable for disguising the hair. The straight edges on the side of the brush offer more stability and thus help to disguise the hair for strands without pulling too much on your hair. Even thick hair can usually be unraveled very well with a brush with wild boar bristles. To prepare or disguise, we particularly recommend the Leo Prinz Kamm, which is included in our sets.

Wild boar bristle brush: care for hair & scalp

The antistatic hairbrush is not only good for the hair, it also offers the scalp a pleasant massage and care. For example, the bristles stimulate important nerve endings on the head and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, it cleans the scalp and removes dirt, sebum and other deposits.

How to remove valley residues and deposits and how our wild boar bristle brush is cleaned is in our Blog post explained.

Hairbrush with wild boar bristles as a sustainable alternative

A plastic hair brush can usually be recycled, but will sooner or later contribute to the growing garbage mountains in the world. However, if you choose a brush with wild boar bristles, choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. A wild boar bristle hair brush is a natural product that is biodegradable and is made from renewable raw materials.

In addition, the wild boar bristles have unique care properties with which no plastic hair brush can keep up.

The wild boar bristles are a waste product that arises in species -appropriate hunt, which is an important part of the natural balance in the forest.

No animal is only killed because of its bristles!

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