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More Beautiful Hair Every Day

With a daily routine, the boar bristles strengthen and care for your hair from root to tip.

Vibrant Hair up to the Tips

Our boar bristle brushes convince with their distinctive design and a uniquely caring effect of the premium boar bristles.

Plastic Free and Contemporary

These boar bristle brushes take care of your hair naturally.

Why Everyone Should Have a Natural Hair Brush.

Do you like shiny, beautiful and healthy hair? Are you struggling with split ends, hair loss or frizzy hair? Then you should take a closer look at the advantages of our Natural Hair Brush.

✓ Gives your hair shine and volume

✓ Regulates fat production

✓ Cleans the scalp and hair naturally

✓ Unique and modern design

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Highest quality in processing

✓ Made in Germany

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What our customers say

My hair felt much softer, more manicured after the first brush. The brush looks great and has a very high quality finish.

I love to get my hair brushed with this brush. In addition to the pleasant massage, it's nice to know that I am cleaning and caring for my hair sustainably.

I still have little experience with wild boar brushes, but I can already say that this brush is something special in terms of its appearance. The case and comb are extremely practical, especially when traveling.

How a unique Leo Prinz hairbrush is made from a piece of wood

It takes many steps to create a Leo Prinz hairbrush from a piece of wood and a bundle of the best wild boar bristles.

Whether it is the handcrafted Pro models or the classic models of our wild boar bristle brushes, we are convinced that you can feel every single movement that has flowed into this product with love.

From the classic boar bristle brush to the modern all-rounder with a clear design

With the Leo Prinz hairbrush, we wanted to develop a modern, functional and high-quality wild boar bristle brush. As an all-rounder, the brush should be versatile and correspond to a modern understanding of design.

After many years of experience brushing with many different hairbrushes, we have developed a modern line together with hairdressers, designers and material experts.

Responsible use of resources

When developing the Leo Prinz Natural Hair Brush, a responsible use of resources was particularly important to us.

This focus is also reflected in the selection of our woods.

The modern Kebony wood comes from European maple wood, which, through an innovative refinement process, achieves a quality similar to that of a rare tropical wood. This enables us to achieve a particularly high quality and still use the advantages of fast-growing, local woods.

Walnut wood is considered to be of particularly high quality and noble due to its beautiful grain and texture. Most of the pieces used for our hairbrushes have already had a life in other objects.

Through this preparation process, we contribute to the responsible use of these valuable resources and provide you with the highest level of quality for your new Leo Prinz hairbrush.

The magic of boar bristle brushes

Boar bristles are unique in their properties for hair. They are the only bristle material that can absorb and release fats.

Nature designed this property so intelligently that only excess fat is absorbed by the scalp and hairline and released again at undernourished areas, such as the ends of the hair.

If you brush your hair regularly, the bristles clean the hair, supply it with valuable nutrients and repair the hair structure. This combination of these properties can only be achieved with wild boar bristles.