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Of lions and lambs - which nature teaches us about hair care

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the
Are you full of your hair to always have to cut a lamb because they feel brittle and frequently break at the tips? Wouldn't you rather discuss with your cat about who of you two of you have the nicer mane instead of making an emergency date with the hairdresser again? Read on to find out how you can develop your hair into a lion mane quality.

Which hair brush suits me: wild boar bristles, plastic or wood?

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the

When it comes to finding the right hairbrush, we often see each other in a jewelry from products where the question arises: "Which fits me now? "

A wild boar bristle brush, a plastic brush or would you prefer wood?

How do you recognize good wild boar bristles?

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the

Who already the 5 advantages of a wild boar bristle brush knows, cannot get one around it.

But what should you pay attention to when buying? And how do you actually recognize good wild boar bristle brush?

5 advantages of wild boar brushes

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the
If you have not yet purchased wild boar bristle brush, you will do so at the latest after this post. Her bristles not only comb the hair through, but also maintain it in a sustainable manner in a sustainable and natural way. Once you have got to know their advantages, it is almost unthinkable to do without this diverse natural product. Convince yourself!

Fix Spliss: How regular brushes with wild boar bristles help

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the

Hair split is anything but good in a good mood.

But how exactly can I prevent the split down and build my hair sustainably?

When it comes to the right hair care, it is difficult to keep an overview. Is it because of my shampoo, the weather or is it the brush? What exactly causes my hair to split?

Questions about questions.
In this post you will learn how that Brushes with wild boar bristles help you to split free hair.

Repair hair structure: chemical vs. mechanical smoothing

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the

Broken hair! - and now?

When it comes to repairing your hair, there are some options that promise.

But what exactly is "repairing hair"? To know how to repair hair, it is helpful to one Overview of our hair structure to provide and so the How our hair works to understand better.

How do I clean my wild boar bristle brush?

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the

In this post you will find out Provided instructions on how to clean your wild boar bristle brush thoroughly and gently.

When it comes to cleaning your wild boar bristle brush, one thing is particularly important: first of all The right understanding of your bristles to have.

Once you have understood that wild boar bristles have a human -like hair structure, it helps extremely to deal with the natural hair brush.