About lions and lambs - What nature teaches us about hair care

Von Löwen und Lämmern - Was die Natur uns über Haarpflege lehrt
Are you tired of having to cut your hair like a lamb because it feels brittle and often breaks at the tips? Wouldn't you rather discuss with your cat which of you has the prettiest mane instead of making another emergency appointment with the hairdresser?

In today's everyday life, our hair is exposed to many challenges. Stress, unhealthy diets and polluted urban environments take a toll on your hair.

To protect our hair and do something good for it, we usually use expensive conditioning shampoos and conditioners. Afterwards they usually feel quite good again and have a nice shine, but why doesn't the shine last and why do we still have to go to the hairdresser more and more often to have the tips cut off? The answer is obvious and yet remains hidden to many. 

Most shampoos and hair care products only give us the illusion of healthy hair by putting a layer of silicones and synthetics over the hair, which then supposedly make the hair look soft and healthy. 

On the inside, however, this leads to the hair structure drying out and the hair breaking up. 

In order to care for the hair in a sustainable and natural way, one has to take a close look at how our hair is made and then develop a tailor-made care approach for the hair. 

As is often the case, we find inspiration in nature. Anyone who has seen an animal film about lions will have noticed that lions spend a lot of time and care grooming their fur. You can feel the result when you stroke a cat. With countless repetitions, cats run their tongues over their fur, smoothing the microscopic scale structure of the hair. In the process, stressed areas of the hair are nourished with the body's own nutrients and the hair scales are laid against each other and smoothed. The result is a silky shine and a beautifully soft coat. 

But how can we make this natural cleansing process a little more civilised, as surely no one wants to run their tongue along their hair?

At Leo Prinz® we want to help you get the beautiful hair we find in even the most magnificent lion's mane. Our solution is in the brush design and material selection of our Natural Hair Brush. We only use high-quality natural bristles, which have a scale structure very similar to human hair. 

Through regular brushing, the natural bristles brush along the hair structure and smooth the hair in a natural way. Thanks to this property, natural bristles can absorb excess grease and valuable nutrients from the scalp and release them back into dry areas of the hair. Just like cats, this nourishes brittle areas in the hair or coat and protects the hair from external influences such as dirt, heat or other effects. 

The result can be clearly felt after the first applications and the hair gets a deep, silky shine, is gently cleaned and feels simply wonderful. 

If you are ready to develop your hair to lion quality with us, our Natural Hair Brush is your best friend on this path. See for yourself, your hair and you will love it.