5 Advantages of boar bristle brushes

5 Vorteile von Wildschweinborsten Bürsten
If you haven't bought a boar bristle brush yet, you will do so at the latest after reading this article. Its bristles not only comb through the hair, but also care for it sustainably in a gentle and natural way. Once you get to know its benefits, it is almost unthinkable to do without this versatile natural product. See for yourself!

Cleanses hair and scalp

The boar bristles are very similar to the human hair structure and are therefore particularly gentle on the hair. Just like human hair, they have a rough and flaky structure. 

When brushing, the boar bristles glide gently along the scalp and hair, absorbing excess grease and dirt particles.

Regular brushing with the boar bristle brush exposes the glands of the scalp and thus prevents them from becoming clogged. You can think of it as a broom that clears the floor of dirt and dust without irritating the surface. 

The scalp is freed from grease deposits, dandruff and other dirt and can thus breathe again. In the long term, this ensures that the natural pH value of the scalp is restored - in other words, excess or insufficient sebum production is brought back into balance. The result: a naturally regulated scalp. 

Frequent hair washing is no longer necessary - just swipe it out! 

Stimulates hair growth

The boar bristles have a pleasant massage effect and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp. The natural bristles stimulate the hair roots which can increase hair growth. It also frees the hair from loose hair without tearing out healthy roots. The old comes away - and new hair grows and thrives! 

Another positive feature of the bristles is that the loose hair collects in the brush. After combing, the hair can simply be removed from the bristles and disposed of - no more annoying hair picking up! Simple and clean!

Creates natural shine

Grandma's tip is no coincidence:

"For healthy and shiny hair, you have to brush your hair 100 times every night before going to bed".  

This is a tried and tested method, but it only works with the right brush. One of the most powerful arguments of the boar bristle brush is that it balances the sebum production of the scalp. 

Frequent shampooing causes the natural oils to be extracted from the hair, drying it out. To restore the imbalance, the body produces more sebum. The result: the hairline becomes greasy more quickly. 

Regular brushing with the boar bristle brush builds up a healthy and sustainable cycle: The sebum and important care substances are absorbed by the brush and evenly distributed from the scalp to the tips. This strengthens the hair structure and repairs it naturally. This miracle property is only reserved for natural hairbrushes. So if you comb your hair daily with your natural brush, you will prevent split ends and ensure an incomparable and natural shine.


Flying hair - And that, in all directions! - Not with the boar bristle brush! Many hairbrushes cause electrical charging when brushing the hair. Plastic hairbrushes are at the forefront of this. Plastic has the property that it becomes statically charged if friction occurs. The hair begins to crackle and stick up wildly from the head. Hair taming is different. 

Wild boar bristles are 100 % natural and therefore have antistatic properties. 


The awareness of the environment has increased more and more in recent years. 

The decision for a product is also always a decision for a lifestyle! Through our purchase, we take responsibility and stand up for values that we want to represent. Those who choose sustainability contribute in their own way to making our earth more environmentally friendly. The boar bristles are a 100% natural product. In the end, it is the choice of brush body that makes the difference. Boar bristle brushes are available in wooden or plastic versions. Many manufacturers decide against the use of plastic and thus make a statement. 

Another sustainability point of the boar bristle brush is that you can prevent hair washes by using it regularly, thus reducing the use of chemicals like shampoo and conditioner. 


The boar bristle brush is a 100% natural product that focuses on sustainability of the environment and your own hair. Its natural texture prevents static charge and gives the hair a completely natural fit.

The boar bristles absorb the scalp's own sebum and distribute it evenly to the tips, strengthening and nourishing the hair. This keeps it healthy and shiny naturally.

Due to its unique properties, it frees the hair and scalp from dirt particles and ensures balanced sebum production. Due to the pleasant massage effect, the scalp is supplied with blood and ensures increased hair growth.

For different hair textures, you can choose your optimal brush, which is more targeted to the individual needs of your hair texture. 

Take a look at our shop and find the right hairbrush for healthy and shiny hair.