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How do you recognize good boar bristles?

Posted by Julian Dietrich on
Woran erkennt man gute Wildschweinborsten?

Who already the 5 advantages of a boar bristle brush knows, you can't avoid getting one.

But what should you look out for when buying? And how do you actually recognize good boar bristle brushes?

How do you recognize real boar bristles?

Before we deal with the characteristics of good boar bristles, it is important to find out whether the brush is actually real boar bristles.

In Germany one can assume that if a product has “100% boar bristles” marked is, it is also real boar bristles.

In the case of natural hair brushes marked with “... with wild boar bristles”, it does not mean that these are exclusively wild boar bristles. Often other bristles such as goat hair or nylon bristles are also included here.

To be on the safe side, you can get information about the product on the manufacturer's website and find out whether the product is real, artificial or only partially boar bristles.

If there is in no way any indication of the use of 100% wild boar bristles, care is required! - A boar bristle brush is only as good as the bristles themselves.

How do you recognize good boar bristles?
The best and highest quality part of the boar bristles comes from the "first cut". This is the lower part of the bristles. The bristle hair is still very strong on this part and is therefore best suited for use in a hairbrush.

To see if this is the first cut, simply check the tips of the bristles. With first-cut bristles, you should see a white-brown follicle approach of the bristles.

The first cut is the first third of the boar bristles and therefore also the strongest part. The remaining parts of the bristles are softer and are used for cheaper brushes or other areas of application.

Equipped with this information, the only question that arises is, which boar bristle brush suits my hair type.

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