Fix split ends: How regular brushing with boar bristles helps

Spliss beheben: Wie regelmäßiges Bürsten mit Wildschweinborsten hilft
Split ends are anything but a good mood. 

But how exactly can I prevent split ends and build up my hair sustainably?

When it comes to the right hair care, it's difficult to keep track. Is it my shampoo, the weather or is it the brush after all? What exactly is causing my hair to split?

Questions upon questions.
In this post, you'll learn how brushing with boar bristles can help you get split ends-free hair.

What causes split ends in the first place?

There are various causes for split ends. Exposure to strong sunlight and dry air can be some of the reasons that cause our hair to dry out. Chemical influences such as bleaching and styling products also have a damaging and drying effect on our hair. These aggressive influences cause our hair to lose its natural nutrients and become weakened. 

The hair loses strength and breaks up at the tips - split ends are here!
A notorious method to get rid of split ends is to cut off the ends of the hair. But what if you just want to have healthy and long hair? There is an alternative that doesn't require your hair to get shorter and shorter. 


Sustainable care with boar bristles

Boar bristles are 100% natural and have an incomparable care effect on our hair. 

The special feature of boar bristles is their texture. Neither too soft nor too hard. In a nutshell, we brush our hair with hair. This ensures gentle and careful handling - no tearing and no injuries. 

The boar bristles add resistance and strength to the degree that is just right for our hair!

Like our human hair, boar bristles are scaly and rough. This enables them to absorb excess sebum from the scalp and distribute it evenly to the tips. 

This is exactly where the trick lies! 
This feature is unique to natural hairbrushes. 

Through regular brushing with a boar bristle brush, our hair is naturally nourished with the body's own fats from the outside in and thus sustainably strengthened. 

If you think that your hair will then look greasy or over greasy, I can now give you the good news: This is not the case, on the contrary!

These miracle bristles absorb excess sebum and release it exactly where it is needed in the hair. This ensures a balanced sebum exchange, which restores the natural balance. 

So, if you regularly care for your hair with a boar bristle brush, you nourish and build up your hair and prevent split ends. The hair is not unnecessarily stressed, but gently cared for. In addition, the boar bristle brush has other advantages that help you achieve healthy and full hair.