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Fix Spliss: How regular brushes with wild boar bristles help

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the
Spliss beheben: Wie regelmäßiges Bürsten mit Wildschweinborsten hilft

Hair Spliss makes anything but good mood.

But how exactly can I prevent the split down and build my hair sustainably?

When it comes to the right hair care, it is difficult to keep an overview. Is it because of my shampoo, the weather or is it the brush? What exactly causes my hair to split?

Questions about questions.
In this post you will learn how that Brushes with wild boar bristles help you to split free hair.


How does splits come about?

There are different causes of the development of hair split. Strong sunlight and dry air can be some of the reasons that lead to drying out our hair. Also chemical influence of e.g. bleaching and styling products have a harmful and drying effect on our hair. This Aggressive influences mean that our hair loses its natural nutrients and weakened.

The hair loses strength and breaks into the tips - the split is here!
A notorious way to get rid of Spliss is to cut off the tips of the hair. But what if you just want to have healthy and long hair? There is an alternative that does not require that your hair is getting shorter and shorter.


Sustainable care by wild boar bristles

Wild boar bristles are 100% natural and have an incomparable care effect For our hair.

The peculiarity of wild boar bristles lies in their nature. Neither too soft nor too hard. In a nutshell, we brush our hair with hair. This ensures a gentle and gentle handling - no tear out and no injuries.

The wild boar bristles bring resistance and strength to the extent, as is the case for our hair!

Like our human hair, wild boar bristles are scaly and rough. This enables you To absorb excess sebum from the scalp and to distribute evenly into the tips.

This is exactly where the highlight is!
This property is only reserved for natural hair brushes.

With regular brushes with a wild boar bristle brush, our hair is involved The body's own fats naturally nourished from the outside to the inside and thus sustainably strengthened.

Anyone who thinks that the hair then looks greasy or over grease, because I can now Good news give: this is not the case, on the contrary!

This Miracle Take over excess sebum and hand it over exactly where it is needed in the hair. That ensures one balanced Sebum exchange, which restores the natural balance

So who Regularly nourishes, nourishes and builds the hair with a wild boar bristle brush, and thus prevents split. The hair is not unnecessarily stressed, but carefully maintained. In addition, the wild boar bristle brush has other advantages that help you with healthy and full hair.

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