How do I clean my boar bristle brush?

Wie reinige ich meine Wildschweinborstenbürste?

In this article, you will learn practical instructions on how to clean your boar bristle brush thoroughly and gently.


Cleaning the boar bristle brush

1. Remove hair from the brush

The first step is to remove the loose hair from the brush. This is easily done by running the comb through the bristles to loosen the caught hair from the brush. A few times in different directions helps to free even stubborn hairs. Finally, you can remove any remaining hair by hand.

This works best with a small-toothed comb. This comb gets through the bristles easily and picks up the hair.

There are also brush cleaners specially designed for boar bristle brushes, but these are not absolutely necessary to remove hair from the brush.

Personally, I prefer the comb version because it supports the multifunctional idea of the brush and I don't have to take an extra "tool" with me.

As a rule, you should remove the hair from the bristles every week so that the boar bristles are exposed each time and can develop an effect. Of course, this depends on the length of your hair and how often you brush your hair.


Cleaning boar bristles wet

A boar bristle brush can also be cleaned wet if necessary. This makes it easy to remove grease residues, dust and other dirt.

It is best to clean directly over a sink.


2. Shampooing the boar bristles

The first step is to take shampoo or soap and put it on the bristles.

Then rub it into the bristles with your fingers. It is best to sweep the brush head downwards.

With time, you will develop a feeling for it.


3. Rinse out bristles

One way to rinse the bristles is to hold the boar bristle brush vertically under warm running water. This prevents water from running into the bristles unnecessarily. 


4. Dry boar bristles

Finally, simply lay your boar bristle brush, bristles down, on a towel to dry. This way, excess water runs off and the brush dries faster.

If you take care of your boar bristle brush with love and devotion, you will get back the attention in equal parts in the form of healthy and shiny hair...


5. Place brush on bristles to dry