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How do I clean my wild boar bristle brush?

Posted by Julian Dietrich at the
Wie reinige ich meine Wildschweinborstenbürste?

In this post you will find out Provided instructions on how to clean your wild boar bristle brush thoroughly and gently.

When it comes to cleaning your wild boar bristle brush, one thing is particularly important: first of all The right understanding of your bristles to have.

Once you have understood that wild boar bristles have a human -like hair structure, it helps extremely to deal with the natural hair brush.

Cleaning the wild boar bristle brush

1. Remove the hair from the brush

The first step is that Remove loose hair from the brush. It is very easy by drives the ridge over the bristle And so the anchored hair loosens from the brush. Stubborn hair helps to free a few times in all directions. Finally, you can still remove the last hair by hand to achieve a perfect result.

This works best with a small, indignant comb. This absorbs the hair simple and thoroughly.

There are also brush cleaners specially intended for wild boar bristles, but these are not absolutely necessary to free the brush of hair.

I personally prefer the comb variant because it supports the multifunctional idea of ​​the brush and then I don't have to take an extra "tool" with me.

In addition, you have in doubt Lying around at home And does not have to buy one especially for brush cleaning. Sometimes sustainability simply means thinking practical.

As a rule, one should Remove the hair from the bristles every week, so that the wild boar bristles can be free every time and have an effect. Of course, this depends on the length of the hair and how often you can stroke your hair with your hairbrush.

Wild boar bristles wet cleaning

One Wild boar bristle brush should be made basic clean every two weeks, so that it is freed from fat residues, dust and other dirt.

As I said, it is about wild boar bristles, like with human hair scales. Here are contaminated and that requires a thorough “Hairbrush washing”, to the Brush to free dirt.

It is best to carry out the cleaning directly over a sink.

Hampo into wild boar bristles

In the first step you take Shampoo or soap and there is a bristle.

then If you rub it into the bristles with your fingers. It is best to turn down the brush head because it can inject a little.

Over time, you develop a feeling for it. Here too a little memory: just think it would be your hair. Then you get a better feeling for the pressure and the movement.

Rinse bristles

One way to rinse the bristles is it Wild boar bristle brush to keep vertically under flowing, warm water. So water does not run unnecessarily into the anchoring of the bristles.

Don't worry, even if that happens, it's not too bad. If in doubt, it only needs to dry longer.

Another alternative is to fill the sink with warm water and move the brush a little back and forth with the bristles.

Both proven methods that can also be combined by first diving into the sink and then showering under the water jet.

If you choose a sustainable wooden brush body when buying a wild boar bristle brush, pay attention to the quality of the wood.

Even if the brushes are usually well sealed, The choice for good woodsustainable.

Tip: Ahorn and kebony wood are most resistant to water.

Dry wild boar bristles

Finally, the wild boar bristle brush is placed, With the bristles down, to dry on a towel. So excess water flows off and the brush dries faster.

If you maintain your wild boar bristle brush with a lot of dedication and love, you will in equal parts get this attention in the form of healthy and shiny hair ...

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