Natural Hair Brush Professional (Hand-drawn)

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Pattern Design
Wood design

We recommend this hairbrush for the following hair types

The hand-pulled brushes represent the absolute spearhead of hair brushes. They are specially designed for stronger hair. Hand-pulled means that each bristle bundle is anchored by hand in the brush body with a wire. This makes the bristles much more stiff and resistant to falling out. This craftsmanship has to be learned over years and is mastered by only a few people. The result, however, is a brush quality that is second to none. 

✓ Hand-pulled bristles
✓ Brings shine and volume to your hair
✓ Balances oil (sebum) production
✓ Purifies the scalp & hair naturally
✓ Premium boar bristles
✓ Perfect for travelling with high quality microfibre etui
✓ Made in Germany & plastic-free

Why are boar bristle brushes good for hair?

Wild boar bristles are unique in their properties for the hair. They are the only bristle material that can absorb and release fats.

This property was designed so intelligently by nature that only excess fat is absorbed by the scalp and hairline and released again in undernourished areas, such as the ends of the hair.

If you brush your hair regularly, the bristles clean the hair, supply it with valuable nutrients and repair the hair structure. This combination of these properties can only be achieved by wild boar bristles. Find out more in our blog post “Of Lions and Lambs”

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