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Leo Prinz Comb


Application: Combing, detangling, Brush cleaning

✓ Ideal for detangling
✓ Rounded teeth protect the hair
✓ Ergonomically shaped
✓ Compact design
✓ With compact etui
✓ Made in Italy


Leo Prinz Tip:
To get through long, thick hair better with the Natural Hair Brush, you can use our comb to detangle and prepare the hair beforehand. Afterwards, brushing will be even easier!

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Kebony wood is a particularly sustainable wood. Fast, renewable, European maple wood is refined through an innovative, technical process. Through the finishing process, the wood achieves a quality similar to that of slow-growing, strong tropical woods. The maple Kebony brush is also particularly resistant to moisture thanks to the refinement.
Walnut wood is a very popular precious wood. Thanks to its excellent aesthetic and physical properties, it can hold its own against expensive tropical woods. The exquisite pieces for our Leo Prinz hairbrushes usually have a life in other objects, such as old rifle stocks, behind them. In this way we ensure that a sustainable use of resources is found with this special wood.
With regular brushing, boar bristles are the only material that transports excess oil (sebum) from the scalp to the tips. The body's own sebum contains valuable nutrients that nourish and protect your hair.

Regular brushing stimulates the nerve endings, important meridians on the head and blood flow to the hair roots. This usually has a positive effect on the growth and quality of the hair. Frequent brushing with this hairbrush creates an ideal basis for healthy, beautiful and strong hair.

Regular brushing also cleanses and stimulates the scalp. This can support regeneration and the development of a healthy scalp environment.

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Based on 3 reviews Schreibe eine Rezension